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tv   Worldfocus  PBS  November 3, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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from theorld's leading president karzai plees to clean up corruption in afghanistan. but wille take the necessary steps to restore confidence in the west and amo his untrymen? we'll put a humaface on the wathere by bringing you the markable story of a brish soldier who dismantled dens of ieds before being kill by one. in o signature series, we'll take you to th philippines, where bng an investigative journast can cost you your life. and what's this? it's fencing in africa. it's off to togo we go. from the world's leang reporters d analysts, here's what's happening froaround the
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worl this is "worldfocu" major support has be provided by ralind p. walter, and the peter g. peterson undation, dedited to promoting fiscal responsibility and aressing key economic challges facing america's future. and additional fundi is provided by the folling suppters -- >>good evening. i'daljit dhaliwal. when hamid karzawas officially declared the winr of afghanistas presidential elecon, president obama and other western leaders ged him to root t corruption. today, karzai responded, acknowledginthat afghanistan does have whate called "a bad name from corrtion." he promised to deal with the oblem, but a great deal of skepticism remns. that isur leadfocus tonight. weegin with jonah hull of al jazeera english. >> hamid karzai's first
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appearan since being declared president. it seemed a carefully jued affair. not exuberanin victory, but hule, in the knowledge perhaps he'd won by defaul we areware of the di difficules of our governance and environment in whiche live. we'll keep trying our besto address the qutions we have fang afghanistan and to make re that the wishes of afghan people come true towards an fective, clean gornment. >> intertional reaction to esidentkarzas win has been unanimous in suprt. but also straightforward in outlining expections. form a effective binet. try and draw in former rival dr. abdull and his supporters. stamp out corruption. prident karzai may be willing. many believe he is too weak and strung by promis made to powerful llies.
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and alreadseen in some quarrs as a puppet of the west. hamid karai says e winner is not the preside but the countrand its people. t there's a price for that victory, the pricefghans have had to pay in their loss of faith in theemocratic process. and the price hamid karzai now expected to pay to store that price in short hamid kzai must act to restore unity, orr and stabity in the face of a growing taliban threat. in a statement t taliban called mr.arzai a tool of the west. the president has in turn vowed to bri modate taliban elements into government. among afghans the edominant sense ise onof relief, that a protracd political crisis is over. also disappointment that ves cast, in many cases at considerable risk, were lo to fraud. many feel hamid karzaias failed to meet thei needs in the past eight yers. he now has five more to chge all that.
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>> meanwle, the war is expanding and becomingeadlier. often this is a conflicthat is seen in e abstract. numbers troops in afghanistan, casualty figus on any given y. but tonight, we want to t a face on thwar. he was a british soldier staff sergeant olaf schmidrom the royal logistics corp in his caslogistics meant defusing rdside bombs, which now account for up to 80% of the casualtiein afghanistan. sergeant schmid hadisarmed more than of them in southern afghanistan. and then there was the onen saturday. and iwas to be hilast. tonight anppreciation of a brave ma from jonathan rugman of itn. >> he stared dth in the fa every day. and was tonight scribed by a senior army ofcer as simply the bravest man he'd eer met.
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but the 65th bomb the staff sergeant defused in afanistan just before he went home on leave turned out tbe his st. these pictures show him on a training exercise wh the royal lostics corps in essex elier this year. the bomb that killed him on saturday was infar away helmand. legend. mr. morale, his commanding officer cled him. but ck in march he just unded anxious to get theob done. >> obvious it's a dangerous job. however, a culmination of al the traing that we have rtainly has a teamas prepared mysel for this ployment in absutely the best possible way. i feel absolutely nfident about the job and the task i'm expeed to do and that of my team members as well. >> the staff sergeant was killed near the town of sain. itas in sangin back in august thatis courage entered a
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league of its own. because schmid dscovered 31 bombs in single operation to clear one road. the heroi of a 30-year-o saving both british and afghan lives timefter time. >> ias talking to his commanding officerarlier this eving. the most extraordiry characr. he wasescribed by him as mr. morale. real live wire. but also a real professial. someone who s hugely prou of his achievement in passing the very demanng high threat bomb disposal course that qualified him to co out here and d his job. >> another bomb dispos expert film here was killed in july. he had personly defused me than 50 bombs. british troops have und around 1,200 iprovised devices this ar alone. with explions accountin for some 80% of british deaths. >> at the moment, we don' have
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the aviation asss. we d't have the helicopters to physical get the tops on the ound so they can dominate the ground. more iortantly weave the unmanned aerial vehicles and the surveillance platforms to be ab to,if u'd like, dominate the ground from the air to identify where t taliban a placingthe devices. >> t staff sergeant aves behind a we and a steps in wilshire. mr. smid issued this statement tonight. e was my best friend and sou mate," christinachmid said. "theain of losing him is overwhelming. i take comfort knowing he sad countless livewith his hard wo. i am so oud of him." scid was the 87th british soldier to die in afghistan this year. though that statistic isost on those whserved alongside him. "better an the best of the best," one officer sai "though perlatives do not do him justice."
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>> that wa itn's jonathan rugman reporting. by the way, our partner n asked on its website wheer sergeant smid died in afghanisn just to keep a rrupt president in power. it's theme that takes us to a deeper discussion of the corruption issue. for that we rn to karin von hippel, who llows afghanistan closely. she's a seniorellow at the center for sategic and internationastudies in washington. thank you very much for joing us. >> thanks for having me. >> one european diplomataid the west wou like to see presidentarzai deler, and quote, high profile heads on a plter. is this someing he is likely todo? ise going to go around and arrest his close ales on arges of corruption? >> i ink they would like a symbolic gesture. maybe up toive or six of the really most egregis war lords and criminals. i think he should be encouraged too this. on the other hand, if it's true
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the u.s. govnment and other allies are also supportg some of tse lies, remembeu story "nework times" in the only recently how president karzai's broer down in kandahar was onthe cia payrol if those sries are true, we also need to sto doinghat as well >> takeus through some of the consequences if he doesn't. does it meanhe west an of course, th ordiry afghan people are goin to end up losing any raining faith th they havin s government? >> well,e certain does not have a lot o legitimacy. i think mo afghans viewedhe elecon as fraudulent. turnout was low august. i was there as aobserver. i s suppose to go back for the secondound. pele anticipated turnoutwould be even lower t second me. he dsn't have legitimacy. he does need to turn things ound and do basic thingslike basic goveance. >> over thpast eight years what concret steps has he taken to ensure the credibility of key
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gani orga of the government and judiciary. >> the whole systeisn't corrupt. there are rts of the government runningwell. the tional sol daidarity rogram. educatioand health care have beenoing very well. it isn't all parts of the gornment. it's cerinly the cas there are waords in key ministries, in keyrovinces that aren charge, should be removed. and rruption rely does filter dn tohe lowest level. ople have to bri police officersust to get basic administrative functions delived. so it real needs to be cleaned up at many differe lels. >> what would the nsequences be i he refuses to act stroly against corruption how would it affect t west's ability to continuto fight on in afghanista i do think this is really the
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last chance rzai and his government is going get by most of the west. not just the united states, but the cadians and the europea. ey're all getting ver disillusioned. th're spilling blood and spending a whole lot o money on a government at isn't sn legitimate by it own people. i think this patience is wearing thin across e boa. >> all right. thank you very muc foroining us. >> tha you. a seni israeli military offici has warned of a new threat from hamas milints in gaza. the head of military intelligen, major general amos yadlin, sa today hamas has test-fired an iranian roet in recent days capable of fing 37 miles from gaza to tel av, israel's major metropolin area. until no rockets fired out of gaza have only reached uto 25 miles. he also said hamas is cuently not interested in confroation with israel, but rather devoting i energies to e continuingo smuggle gaza
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weons into the area. anon that rocket disclosure, we want to know at you think. our question tonig, how do you think israel shoulrespond to the latest sclosure that hamas has a missile capable of hiing tel-aviv? you n give us your opinion by going to the "w you see it" seion of our web site. that's at worldfocus.o. instead of flyinhome from the midd east, secretary of state hillary clintomade an unschedulestop in cairo today. she held meetings th egyptian leaders on t stalemate over restarting pea talks between israel and thealestinians. for clinton was also a damage ntrol mission after comments this weekend iwhich she praised israel f offering to cut back but not top, the buding of jewish settlements. the comments continued to dr strong reactiotoday in the ar world. the maineadline in the syrian
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newspaper al-wattan, "clton tries to contain arab anr and disappntment about her statemt on settlements." yesterda when we asked you if the unit states was being even-hand in dealing with israel's settlement policy, we got a ve entsiastic response om our viewers. ny thought the u-s leaned mo toward israel. here's what one had to say. ter following the israel/palestine issue for my years, i am nvinced that the u.s. policy favors israel. as to the constantantra by the pro-israelrowd in the united states that insistshat the palestinians recogni israel's right to exist, i think the paleinians are recognizi israel's right texist when they agreed toonsider a two-ate solution. buanother viewer said, "the us has beme one of the biggest appeasers of the arab rld. it hasecently placed tremenus pressure on israel, while igring 60 years of arab
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military and politicalction to deroy a tiny jewish state." >>some other global news you mit not have heard about. from tanzania in aica, a team of scientists predts that clate change will make the snow on the top oft. kilinjaro, the continent's highest peak, disaear within 20 yrs. they say kilimanja's vast ice fiel are melting faster than at a time over the last century and have lost 85% of their ice since materially 1900s. from italy an up roars tonitover a ruling italian schools should rove crucifixes om clsrooms. itas made by the european cot of human rights that has influence but can'enforce s lings. it says crucifixes could disturb some children who are no christian. thrules comes as italy experiences growing population of immigrants, mostly muslims.
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the government called the ruling sheful and absurd. intonight's signature story, we return the philipnes. yesterday yomay recall we explored the country's close relationship wh the united stes and the strong american inuence. but tonighwe look at e area of socty that has had a very diffent experience from that of t united states. freedom ofhe press. it is something that we take for granted here. but in the philippines, as you're abo to see, rost reporting cabe a very dangous professio we showyou the realisks some supporrs face trying to do their job. >>n the vt island of
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mindanou, the bustling port town's tiny radio stion dsmd has a reputati for tough repoing. and hhly critical editorials. it's where anchormanennis would like to say he s going after the big sh. expong local corruption and abuse of power. one year ago after repead thres to his lif he was shot to death this street in broad daylight. witnesses id'ed the gunman has a relative of th town mayor. no one has ever been rested. left behind a family wh seven children his wife. >> he w not afraid whenever he scovered something. he would reall tell in the radio.
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>> he was not afraid >> he was not afraid >> for journalists, not just anotr homicide, but a frigening reminder that eedom of the press in the philpines comes at a stee ice. it wasn't supposed to be this way. in 1986, million of filipin rose upgainst the dictatorship. the modest widow o a sln opposition leader lding a peaceful, people power revolutionhat restored democracy to the philippines. with it, the veliest press in asia. today in the phippines, there haveever been more newspapers in print or moreoints of views. oadcast journalism has never been more inflntial.9- yet the 23 years sinc people than 70 journalists have been murdered f doing thr job. >> the iron that theiggest one of t two plac in asia
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whe you have actual legal protection f press freedom, but its also one of the few places in asia, it is the only placen asia wre you have tt many journalists being killed. >>e heads thehilippine center for media freed and responbility. a group that keeps exhaustive records on t murders o journalists. murders almost always tied to rerts on corruption. the philippines constently ranks as one of the mostcorrupt countries in asia. thosemurdered over the la two decades have risked tir lives reporting on govement and illegal busine activity. in one of th most high profile cases, annvestigative journalist also from mindanou, exposed scam involving two regional offials of the philippine department riculture. she washot to death in her own home while eating dinner with her children. garcia's death put intse pressure on the presidt wh promised the nation sh would
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protect rorters and track dn thr killers. in a rare vicry, the three hired asssiassassins were caugh convted. the two offials allegeo hid them are well connecd and they remn free. >> although theresident may order the police toun after the kilrs, despe that, wh usuay happens is that the ders are ignored or the orde are regarded as noserious. >> it's not that joualists haven't raised the alarm themselves. this dramatic documenry by a rerter graphically illtrated how e murders threaten journalism itself here by intimidatingeporters into second guessing or ceoring themselves. >> i think in general it'sad a chilli effect on our profession. hofree can journalists really fe if there's ts threat of being killed foromething that
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theyrite or air? >> the dumentary also raises the controversial debate ove whetr journalists shoul arm themselves. many here have already undgone weapons traing. unrved i felt attimes in e philippinesollowing death threats ieceived in 1990 while vering a string of milita up risings her this is one the blunt threats that was slipped uer my hotel om door here. these four cigarette burns, i'm told, are symbolic of the fo bullets that a group of disgruntled miliry officers were going to put into me. of crse, i was able to leave the untry until things cood down. howie another journalists rarely have tha option. >> iet scared. i get scared for myse and for my faly. it makes you mre carul. i haven't stopped doing what i'm doing.
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but i have had toexercise extra ecautions. >> sti, ere are mes when caion is put aside. down in general santo city, he's eping up the drum beat, demandinfriends for his friend, former anch at dxmd, the murdered father of seven gunn down here one year ago. great risk to himself, gonzalez even led us to local lice headquarters to ask why an arrest warrant for e suspectegunman in the case hasn't been acted on. y can't he be arrested if this was iued one month ago? he's hidg? you can't find him? >> we can't findhim. >> it's probably no surprise that the crime status boardere shows no unsolved cases. the small staff at dxmd radio says that's the way itlways is the phippines when the victim is ajournalist who's
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been warned to lay of the big fish. juan gonlez, choking back the tear saying he won't bez5 silenced near will gloria, who has always reived anonymous teats and warnin to stop pursuing her husband's case. th husband was ajournalt? >> es. for me, he's a hero. did his job well. >>loria and her seven childre are now und protection of bodyguards 24 hour aday. for worldfocus, the phippines.
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an before we go, here is someing that we didn't know. the sport of fencing is alive and well in africa. in fact, it is practiced in almost two dozen african nations. one ofhe latest to embrace ncing is togo i west africa. there are a growing number of youngsters whore shouting unguar our partner, africa 24, takes a look at this new enthusiasm for a veryld sport. >> she lunges and stres. seen here in yellow, e's tacking her opponent with deteination during a training ssion in togo's capita she's one ofhe best fencers in to and was one of theirst to take up the sport when it s first taught he six years ago.
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right now there's training ice, morning and evening. today, for example, at 7:30 m. and en we went ck home at around 11:00 a.m. now we are back again for mor training. 's the same on wednesdays. >> the origi and rules of modern fencing date back to 17 century it's one othe very same sports held at every olympi games nce 1896. afcan countrs have feing federaons, including to since 2003. the most popular sportere by fars still otball. very few people have even heard of fencing. >> no. i don know athingabout fencg. >> especially re in togo. >> the m who brought the sport to togo is victor, a sports coach who learned how to nce
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himsf and then started teachingt here. >> i had traing at the international fencing school. in 23, with the suppo of the international fencing federationi decided toome back t togo to teach the ort to pple here and promote access across the countr >> thanksto his enthusitic efforts, several schools agreed to teach the spt tostudents. from there, it caught on much quicker an ev he himself would ve imagin. today about 00 students are in regular training. that's i from us. don'forget you can find more international newsnd persctive on our website, including original blo pos from our regular contributors. that's at wordfocus.g.
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i'm daljit dhawal. thank you for joing us. we'll see you bck here at the same time torrow. until thengood-bye. -- ptions by vitac -- major support r "worldfocus" has been proved by rosalind walter and the ter g. peterson foundation, dedicated toromoting fiscal responsibility and addressg key economic challenges fang america's future. and addition funding is provided by the following supporters -
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